Interactive Exhibits

From June 1999 to January 2003 I was employed at the Exploratorium as an Exhibit Developer, designing and building exhibits for the Traits of Life project. Responsibilities included researching phenomena, cultivating organisms, conceptualization, CAD design, fabrication, assembly and installation. Here are some exhibits I was responsible for:

Energy From Light

An exhibit measuring CO2 uptake in photosynthesizing grass, the visitor turns off a light and observes CO2 levels increasing in realtime.

Telltale Breath

An exhibit measuring the CO2 content in a person’s exhaled breath

Trading Materials

Interdependence between plants & animals; grass converts CO2 into Oxygen, Termites convert Oxygen into CO2. Termites and Grass are enclosed in separate chambers, CO2 levels are monitored and displayed in real-time.


A termite colony in thin cross section, with lighted magnifiers. A white LED on the underside of the magnifier illuminates the field of view.

Oxygen Bubbles

Photosynthetic production of oxygen illustrated via bubbles of oxygen streaming from aquatic plants.

Mutant Flies

Life support and display pods for various strains of mutant Drosophila.