Tools & Supplies

Thomas Register

Comprehensive directory of industrial products and services, including links to company websites, product specifications, ordering information and downloadable CAD drawings.

McMaster-Carr Supply Company

Huge selection of all sorts of tools, materials, hardware and Industrial supplies.

MSC Industrial Supply

One of the nation’s largest direct marketers of industrial supplies and equipment.

Small Parts

hardware for researchers and developers: materials, components and tools in small quantities.

Reid Tool Supply

knobs, handles, clamps, leveling pads, tooling hardware and more.

Maryland Metrics

Metric sized items: fasteners, tools, fittings, tubing, oil seals, o-rings, bearings, components, metal shapes, piping, fittings, valves, electrical lamps & fuses, conduit fittings, cable…

American Science & Surplus

“Eclectic range of products, many with a science or educational tilt to them…for the hobbiest, tinkerer, artist, experimenter, home educator, do-it-yourselfer, and bargain hunter.”

Science, Lab

Acorn Naturalists

developers and distributors of resources for science, outdoor and environmental education.

Carolina Biological Supply

products for science and math educators worldwide.

Forestry Suppliers

Products for the forestry, environmental science, surveying/engineering, horticulture, grounds maintenance, educational professionals and more.

NASCO Catalogs

Educational materials, classroom school supplies, and products for areas such as agricultural sciences, farm and ranch, anatomical/nursing, arts and crafts and science.


“A family-run supply business serving school educators and students, amateur scientists and hobby enthusiasts, and science professionals with a large array of high quality, low price, scientific laboratory and educational supplies and tools.”

Lab Safety Supply

Industrial and Safety Supplies

Cole Parmer

Instruments and technical products for the research and industrial technical communities.

VWR International

Distributor of scientific equipment, supplies, chemicals and furniture.


Jameco Electronics

distributor of electronic components, tools and computer products.

Newark Electronics

distributor of electronic components, tools and computer products.


distributor of electronic components


The Japan Woodworker Catalog

Japanese woodworking tools available in a wide range of qualities, from inexpensive to very expensive.


One of the nation’s oldest and largest suppliers of quality woodworking tools and supplies.

Hartville Tool

Woodworking Tools & Supplies, a wide range of essential, hard to find, unusual, and unique items.

Museum of Woodworking Tools

“A knowledge-base of museum quality tools, descriptions of tools and techniques…”


Custom Service Hardware

Suppliers of fasteners, drawer slides, pulls, wood carvings, handles, knobs, hinges, abrasives, and more.

McFeely’s Square Drive Screws

Square Drive Screws, hardware and woodworking supplies.

Van Dykes Restorers

Hardware and supplies for woodworkers, antique restorers and vintage home restoration.

Outwater Plastics

Extrusions, furniture hardware, cabinet & store fixture components, knobs & pulls, casters, sheets, lighting, architectural mouldings & millwork…

Paints, Finishes


Paints and finishes made from natural sources (Germany).

Bioshield Paint

Eco friendly paints, stains, finishes and cleaners.

Old Fashioned Milk Paint Co.

Paint made from milk protein, lime and earth pigments.


Pigments & materials for restoration, interior design and fine arts. On-line catalogue, or if you’re in San Francisco, walk in to their physical store.


Paints and pigments for painting with transparent colours (colourwashes, glazes, layerpainting). High quality raw substances and a “soft chemistry” based on an ecological consciousness. “colour as a formative artistic element in architecture” (Sweden)

Sustainable Living

Lehman’s non-electric products

Wide range of household products and tools for people who choose to live with little or no reliance on electricity (founded in 1955 to serve the Amish people). On-line store, 150+ page paper catalog, retail locations in Ohio.

Oikos Green Building Source

Online resources for those working in the fields of sustainable design and construction.

Natural Home Products

Suppliers of high quality wool carpet, cork and hardwood flooring, natural paints, and organic bedding.

Real Goods

“products for an ecologically sustainable future”


Berkeley Point

Eclectic assortment of products, light fixtures, flashlights, titanium and stainless steel hardware

Suncor Stainless

Thousands of Stainless Steel and Titanium Products

Tools For Stagecraft

Unique tools, accessories & expendables for the theatrical professional.

Dowling Magnets

magnets and magnet products: Rare Earth, Ceramic, Alnico, cup and channel assemblies.

Magnet Sales

Fabricator of magnets and magnetic systems. Off-the-shelf and custom magnets, engineering & design assistance. Check out their glossary of magnetic terms.

ASC Industries, Mass Transit Products

Stainless steel fittings, interior assemblies & railings for use in mass transit vehicles.

Dent Manufacturing

Standard and custom non-ferrous hardware and castings for commercial refrigeration, fire-fighting, marine, & mass transit.