Manufacturing Educational Materials

Basic knowledge and insights on manufacturing-related topics such as drilling, milling, turning, waterjet cutting, surface finish, and design for manufacture (originally on Michigan Tech’s website, the above links to as the material no longer seems to be on

Introduction to Machine Tools

From MIT’s ME department – shop safety, metal cutting physics, measurement, part layout, band saw, belt sander, drill press (& tapping holes), lathe, milling machine, grinding & buffing, working with sheet metal. ( link, material doesn’t seem to be on now)

Design and Manufacturing I , Design and Manufacturing II

MIT OpenCourseWare – introduction to modern manufacturing: manufacturing processes, equipment/control, systems, and design for manufacturing.

Tap Drill Chart

Drill sizes to use prior to cutting internal threads with a tap, clearance holes, Unified Screw Threads, Metric sizes, and Pipe Threads. Includes cross reference chart of fractional, letter, number, decimal equivalent, and metric drill sizes. Another chart: TapDrillSizes.pdf.

Anodizing FAQ

Anodizing is a controlled oxidation process which provides an aluminum surface with an extremely hard, durable, corrosion resistant finish made of aluminum oxide (what sapphire is made of).

Welding and Joining Processes

MIT OpenCourseWare – cold welding, adhesive bonding, diffusion bonding, soldering, brazing, flames, arcs, high-energy density heat sources, solidification, cracking resistance, shielding methods, and electric contacts

Making balls by metal spinning

An interesting illustration of how to spin flat sheetmetal into a spherical shape using an old South Bend lathe.

High Speed Machining [pdf]

“Machining with high speeds (HSM) … enables to increase efficiency, accuracy and quality of workpieces … though High Speed Machining is known for a long time (first tries were made in early twenties of the past century) there are still a lot of questions …” (Cracow University of Technology)

Tool Life, Tool Wear and Surface Finish

Influence of Cutting Conditions on Tool Life, Tool Wear and Surface Finish in the Face Milling Process (Journal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences)

Application of Cutting Fluids in Machining Processes

“The use of cutting fluid generally causes economy of tools and it becomes easier to keep tight tolerances and to maintain workpiece surface properties without damages…it brings also some problems, like fluid residuals and human diseases…alternatives are dry cutting and cutting with minimum quantity of fluid (MQF). The main goal of this work is to discuss these tendencies.”*

Machinery’s Handbook

“The Bible of the Metalworking Industries” – mathematics, mechanics & strength of materials, properties, treatment and testing of materials, dimensioning, gaging & measuring, tooling and toolmaking, machining operations, manufacturing processes, fasteners, threads and threading, gears, splines & cams, machine elements and measuring units. Very useful book, available on CD-ROM as well.

Manufacturing & Ecology

The International Journal of Environmentally Intelligent Design and Manufacturing

”…aims at providing a medium for the dissemination of accurate information about the impact and the short-term as well as the long-term effects of design and manufacturing on the environment.”*

Consortium on Green Design and Manufacturing (CGDM)

”…formed in 1993 to encourage multi-disciplinary research and education on environmental management, design for environment and pollution prevention issues in critical industries. Faculty and students come from UC Berkeley’s College of Engineering, School of Public Health, Energy and Resources Group and Haas School of Business.” (Not sure if this is still active, links to this page)

Centre for Sustainable Design

”…links to cases, eco-design tools, research institutes and other web sites related to…the management and reduction of the environmental aspects of products throughout their life cycle.”

The Greening of Industrial Ecosystems

Understanding industrial ecology and its context. Online html book, full text, from National Academy Press, 272 pages (1994).

The Industrial Green Game: Implications for Environmental Design and Management

“…smart design of products, processes, systems, and organizations, and the implementation of smart management strategies that effectively harness technology and ideas to avoid environmental problems before they arise.” On line book, full text html, National Academy Press, 280 pages (1997).


Analysis of open CNC architecture for machine tools

“The evolution of digital circuit technology, leadind to higher speeds and more reliability allowed the development of machine controllers adapted to new production systems (e.g., Flexible Manufacturing Systems - FMS). Most of the controllers are developed in agreement with the CNC technology of the correspondent machine tool manufacturer. Any alterations or adaptation of their components are not easy to be implemented. The machine designers face up hardware and software restrictions such as lack of interaction among system’s elements and impossibility of adding new function.”


Interesting, but seems inactive & only on now – self-contained factory units in 40-foot shipping containers, for manufacturing goods & processing materials: bakeries, mobile medical units, water purification, retreading of tires, manufacture of steel nails, aluminum pans, agricultural implements, etc.