Phoneme Cards

I came up with these to give some elementary school students I was tutoring a hands-on craft project related to language. They really enjoyed rounding the corners with a corner rounding punch. The top of the cards display IPA characters, and in the lower-right hand corners are the equivalent (and slightly less cryptic) symbols commonly used in dictionary pronunciation keys. To make these, I went to the downtown SF public library, read through some of the larger dictionaries and came up with a list of words. I can’t guarantee everything to be perfect, so let me know if you find any errors. I’d like to evolve the design to make them more like regular playing cards with characters in diagonal corners, colorful designs, etc…this is just a beta version.

At some point it would be fun to play games with these, maybe deal each player a hand of phonemes, see who can make words, form teams, arrange words into sentences and stories…

fonim kardz
cards displaying each of the phonemes that comprise spoken English

These were printed with a laser-printer on 80lb cover stock, 8.5 × 11 sheets cut into 8 pieces each. For the IPA characters, I used the Gentium font. If you’d like to make some of these yourself, download this pdf file (keeping in mind there are probably mistakes).

The layout for these was done a while ago using proprietary Mac software. At some point I’d really like to redo this using an open source solution like ConTeXt so it could be more easily modified and shared in a Git repository. The language and design of these cards is released under the CC-by license.