Mechanical Design

My work experience has primarily involved the design, prototyping and fabrication of scientific equipment, medical devices, and a variety of consumer & industrial products. Below are descriptions of and links to a few things I’ve worked on.

While employed at Onda I helped design a Radiation Force Balance system for taking power measurements of ultrasound medical devices, developing a manufacturable design from a working prototype. Modeled in SolidWorks.

While working at the design consulting firm MOTO I designed a system of interlocking modular plastic dividers, sheet-metal parts and light-pipes that fit within an automated Medication Dispensing Cabinet. I also designed an enclosure for a Phone Router [pdf], integrating plastic injection molded parts, a printed circuit board, connectors & LED indicators into an assembly View 2 [pdf]. Modeled in Pro-E.

At Wyatt Technology I re-designed a liquid Laser Flow Cell [pdf] manifold system used in laser light scattering equipment (patent # 5,404,217 issued).

At Vistek I was responsible for the mechanical design of a Surgical Video Camera used in arthroscopic surgical procedures. This involved repackaging a CCD video camera into a hand-held device and control box, integrating electronic & optical assemblies. Drawings [pdf] modeled in AutoCad.